Management board

Ania Holding is a joint work of Elżbieta and Jacek Bogucki. In the 1990s, they founded a small shop named after their beloved daughter which gradually grew and transformed over time to become an unquestionable leader in the electrotechnical market. From the very beginning, they both manage Centrum Elektryczne ANIA and other entities in the holding company, supporting, complementing and inspiring each other.

In the first years of “Ania’s” operation Elżbieta Bogucka was involved in sales, accounting and human resources. From the very beginning, she takes care of image-related issues. Daily functioning of the company is significantly facilitated by her love for order and careful, thoughtful approach to even the smallest matters. For employees, she is a support and someone who gives a sense of stability and security.

According to both employees and business partners, Jacek Bogucki is a great and charismatic leader. He personally nurtures relationships with key customers and acquires new contacts, often resulting in long-term cooperation. For years he has been following new trends in a dynamically changing industry. He makes strategic decisions boldly. Jacek Bogucki ensures that Ania Holding’s trademark is always the highest quality of service.