Mission and vision

The story of “Ania” has begun at a time when all Poles jealousy looked at the West. People were fascinated by everything, shops, cars, clothes…. We wanted to make up for lost time, catch up with our neighbours as soon as possible and fill the gap that was dividing us.

Today, more and more often we meet our foreign partners in Wieluń. I’m happy to give them a tour of our facilities and show the modern equipment we use every day. I see disbelief on their faces and a little jealousy. They admit that in this respect “Ania” is ahead of companies from their countries by several or sometimes even dozen or so years. They ask with interest: How did you achieve this?

Let’s face it – our beginnings were very modest. Together with my wife, we built the company from scratch and dealt with practically all aspects of its operation. We know how important it is to take care of the smallest details. We are convinced that without it, it would be difficult to create something valuable and lasting. That is why above all we demand a lot from ourselves. We have never been interested in half-measures, provisional and temporary solutions. We build our infrastructure for years and it is the same with the relationships we establish. We invest time and energy in close and direct contacts with our partners. We are responsible, available and flexible. We accompany and advise them at every stage of cooperation. We are constantly in motion, not only our cars with new deliveries but also experts and traders travel around Poland. The car is a second office also for me.

We have been developing together with Poland for over 25 years. Sometimes we even do it faster, we anticipate directions of changes on the market and we appear where there is no competition yet. We are doing everything we can to recognize new challenges as soon as possible. We want to lead the way, set standards of operation. We are constantly improving our qualifications, developing in many directions simultaneously and expanding the scope of our services. We cooperate with the greatest and we want to be partners for them.

We look to the future with hope, courage and optimism. We are not waiting passively for what tomorrow will bring. We create positive changes both in the industry and in our local community. We know how demanding the labour market is today, which is why we are investing in the young generation and we want to facilitate their start by supporting vocational education. We combine global aspirations with concern for our small homeland. We share what we have the best – good energy.

Jacek Bogucki