JB has been in existence for over 20 years. In 2012, there was a breakthrough in its activity – we launched a production department which deals with treatment and processing of cables and wires using innovative technologies. On customer’s request we offer the manufacture of cables in various configurations, with crimped or soldered connectors.

JB currently produces for:

  • Welding industry – manufacturers of equipment (power supply and control cables, cable harnesses, current connectors)
  • Crane industry – manufacturers of overhead travelling cranes, cranes, railway tippers (control cabinets, operator’s panels)
  • Railway industry – manufacturers of railway vehicles (electrical multiple units [EMUs], trams, locomotives), connection wire harnesses and inter-unit boxes with multi-pin connectors
  • Electromechanical industry – manufacturers of electric motors and transformers – (connection cables, stator leads)

The establishment of JB was a response to the needs of Ania Holding’s customers. Until 2012, they sourced only unprocessed materials from Centrum Elektryczne ANIA. Currently, JB offers them also semi-finished or finished products made on the basis of technical arrangements, own documentation or customer’s documentation.