We are in suppliers team cooperating with PKP PLK S.A (Polish Railways). Since 2013 we have delivered wires needed for builiding and modernization of railway routes.

Our offer aimed at transport includes: electricity bare copper-based cables used in overhead tram and train lines, siginaling rail system cables, power cables, medium voltage cables, telecommunication cables, lighting luminaires for railroad switches and platforms.


Since 2011 we have delivered cables for rolling stock. We supply them to trams, locomotives and railbuses building companies the same as to companies producting systems that are used in these vehicles.

We propose advanced technologies and solutions concerning complete rolling stock wiring for rail vehicles companies. We are in a small minority of companies on Polish market with wide range of self-extinguish, non-toxic and halogen-free cables. They can be of use in wide range of temperatures and meet low fumes standards. They also apply with international market standards.

Our offer aimed at rolling stock includes: power cables, transfer data cables, coaxial cables, monitoring system cables, modular and switchgear control systems (Siemens) with international authorizations for rolling stock.

We have PKP Intercity and PKP Cargo admission for use of delivered cables in theirs rolling stock.